Online Education - Yes or No?

No one can deny that 2020 has turned education within the beauty industry upside down. It has seen a HUGE surge in online training courses. Some of this is a good thing, no travel, convenient, work at your own pace. However this has left the market open to a large number of poor unregulated courses.

My main advise would be to research the training school selling these classes. Are they filmed in a classroom setting? By the main tutors? Or are they generic second party classes. A lot of training schools are purchasing second party courses to get into the online course market quickly however these classes are designed to generate a huge income selling second rate classes at super cheap prices.

Check classes are accredited for beginners, that you will be able to obtain insurance to be able to work after achieving the certification, accredited classes should include exams and case studies. Workshops hosted by experts are a brilliant option. These may be certificated however the main reason for purchasing these are to enhance your skills and techniques.

For example you trained in lash extensions but its something you struggle to get your timings down on, then a lash masterclass would be amazing and help you greatly if taught by a skilled tutor.

Remember you are paying for that persons skills and knowledge. If the tutor teaching you does not have at least 5 years industry experience in a working salon then run for the hills. Currently the beauty industry is unregulated which is something that I will get into on another day but it means that it is legal to work without obtaining insurance. Legal but very stupid. You would be surprised at the number of home taught/unqualified therapists and technicians in our industry. These people are undereducated and lack the background knowledge to be able to spot and advise clients on a large number of contraindications. This is when serious problems can arise.

With current lockdown regulations we have no choice but to move some learning online. But is this a replacement for a nurturing, encouraging class environment? 100% not! Nothing beats watching a treatment live, being able to have the tutor stand over you and give you advice and be your safety net whilst you work. There are a huge number of classes that should not be taken online.

For example - Microblading and Dermaplaning. Both these treatments are performed using sharp instruments and a lot can go wrong. Imagine learning how to dermaplane online. Having that scalpel in your hand and your first model in front of you and absolutely no-one there to guide you and keep both you and your model safe. Imagine if by accident you cut that model, Would you know what to do? Should you have to deal with that yourself? No! This is why for any advanced treatments absolutely nothing can substitute a class room with a highly competent tutor.

So my advise, learn your fundamental theory online. Anatomy & Physiology is a great place to start, followed by basic manicure & pedicure. This will give you a great first step into this amazing industry.